At HAYWOOD SBS, we will coach/partner with you to leverage specific digital channels to connect with current and prospective customers.  If done correctly, you can expect to spend much less and see better results than you would with traditional marketing.

Affordable One-on-One Coaching That Covers Your Digital Marketing Needs

Websites need constant, dedicated effort to stay competitive in the search results.  More and more customers are finding businesses online.  A responsive, professional website, that shows up in search engines and social media is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

HAYWOOD SBS offer digital marketing training/coaching for solopreneurs who are looking for guidance or an outside opinion.  As a solopreneur, you should not feel like you can’t ask for help when you need it.  Instead, you should embrace the support of those around you and look for the help of those that can lift you up.  Consider us as your digital marketing coach to help you meet your business goals while always staying true to your principles.  


Digital marketing is all about how, where, and to whom you communicate your value in the online world.  This includes your web presence, your blog, your social media accounts, your email newsletter, your press releases, and your product descriptions.

Every time you click to publish any kind of content, it should be communicating your value.  However, it doesn’t make much sense to be communicating your value to people who don’t care.  Ideally, the people you want to be communicating with about your value are people that are probable purchasers–the people who are most likely buy what you are selling.


Having a working knowledge of the strategies and tactics of digital marketing will help you:

Build a framework to market in a digital world

Understand customers and generating Insights

Accomplish your goals when sharing your story

Solopreneurs are responsible for driving their own innovation and growth.  HAYWOOD SBS will help you  gain a practical understanding of what modern marketing practice looks like from an digital perspective.  Your ultimate goal should be to attract and retain customers while delivering your products and/or services.


Our dynamic coaching will give solopreneurs a great foundation for further learning and research, and valuable insights regarding the principles necessary to execute better digital marketing at scale.


Digital marketing is such a vast and changing industry- there is simply so much to learn.  As digital marketing coaches, we are constantly refreshing and updating our skills and knowledge.

We want to make sure that our solopreneurs get the most out of their time together with our coaches and avoid overwhelm, so we keep a coaching session to one single topic, two at the very maximum.  If it’s two, it will be closely related, like websites and SEO.

The digital marketing coaching happens online and usually via Zoom Video Call as this allows for screen-sharing.  This allows us to be super efficient with our time with you. 

HAYWOOD SBS standard coaching sessions are offered below.  If you don’t see the topic you’d like help with, arrange a call with us and I we can let you know if it’s something I can accommodate you with.

Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning

If you’ve prepared a digital marketing strategy document (you should probably have one of these) you simply email this to your digital marketing coach prior to you call, so that he/she can read and digest it before you speak.

You will then jump online and spend time talking through their feedback and recommendations, your ideas, and your questions.

If you are unable to provide a marketing strategy, the coaching session will focus on showing you where to start and how to prepare one.

Social Media For Business

Facebook for personal use and using it for business are two different things. The biggest mistake we see solopreneurs make is treating Facebook or Instagram as though they are sales channels for announcements.

During this coaching session, we can either review your social media presence together and work out how you can best use, improve and profit from this moving forward- Or, we can simply give you a one-on-one coaching session about how to approach different social channels and publish great content.

Better Website & SEO

During this coaching session, we’ll talk through the current website, how it is set up, and how you can make actionable changes that will improve the number of people (website traffic) coming to your website, the quality of the visitors, and the number of visitors that will explore and possibly make an enquiry.

We will need your web address (URL) and access to any analytics accounts you use before we jump on our call (e.g. Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook insights, etc).

Google/Facebook Ads & PPC

Keyword research and working out your ad strategy is where we will begin.  Your coach will then cover best practices for account set up, understanding keyword match types, writing ads that drive action, and managing and reporting for the best results.

This coaching session will guide you through the often frustrating technicalities of Google and/or Facebook Ads and ensure you have the best chance to generate a return on your investment.

Blogging & Content Strategy

As a solopreneur, you are competing with not only other solopreneurs, but major corporations.  Your blogging needs to be consistent and highly strategic if it’s going to make a difference.  In this coaching session, we’ll talk through your current or planned content strategy, which could include blogging, videos, product description, infographics, or e-books.

Your coach will review your blog posts for keyword usage, metadata, and industry relevance, then determine whether they can be improved for both SEO and engaging visitors to your site.  Lastly, we will give you actionable steps to being a better blogger and content creator.

Email Marketing & Automation

You want to save time and effort when you communicate with your email subscribers.  It’s about automating processes with a bit of technical set up that will allow you to nurture potential customers without needing to lift a finger in the future.  This coaching session will ensure that this happens.

Your coach will also give you feedback on your email approach and content, based on your business goals, so you can grow your email list and customers.

We would love to learn more about your digital goals.

Let’s join forces to drive awe-inspiring results.