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Attract and Engage Visitors with an effective Website

We’ve been building and developing effective websites for more than 20 years, and we’d love to collaborate with you.

Stop Putting off a New or Redesigned Website as an Unnecessary Expense!

What has your website done for you lately?


What does your website do for you?  Does it engage visitors?  Does it tell your story and demonstrate your brand’s value?  Does it add value? Your website is arguably your hardest working salesperson – on call 24/7 whenever anyone searches for you. Well-designed websites are crucial in today’s online world and when properly done become revenue generators.


HAYWOOD SBS offer solopreneurs a comprehensive web design and development services to help you better connect with your customers whether your need is to improve sales or reputation, revitalize an aging website, or building a new one from scratch.

Engage your visitors.           Tell your story.           Demonstrate your value.

We’re the Best in Web Design Services for a Reason


We have worked on over 100  websites and we can offer many different solutions to fix a problem.  We help you understand your various options and recommend the best ways to meet your goals while working within your budget.


Offering a full suite of digital marketing solutions, we build-in high-quality, critical marketing functionality, such as SEO, and analytics.  Your website will be more than a pretty face- it will be visible in search and built to turn passive/on-the-fence visitors into interested prospects.


We ask for your input at all along the way, from style tile selection to rough sketches to final design to content.  Our experience has determined that if we seek your involvement in small, bite-size “chunks,” your task is never overwhelming.  However, your steady input keeps our development in line with your expectations at all times.


Responsive custom website design is relatively new, but our developers has been building sites for years. We have both in-house and contracted team of designers, copywriters and developers that is proficient in UX best practices, and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) techniques.

Our Process of Web Design

Business Meeting

Orientation and Goal Setting

First, we get to know the ins and outs of your company, current website, digital footprint, and competitors. With access to analytics systems we define your website goals and collect benchmark data on the current state of your website so that we can accurately measure results in the future.


Site Planning, Setup and Configuration

Next, we take the time to strategically plan out the website from an SEO perspective including content, navigation, and URL naming. We conduct site mapping, information design, wireframing and visual concepts to help with the process. At this time, we also set up your hosting, themes, and web apps.

Prototype Designer

Site and Page Design

This is where the process becomes fun. Our creative side takes control as we design the look and feel of page templates across the website. We include you throughout this process to make sure you are happy with how the website is coming along.

Digital Work

Content Population

Your website really starts to come to life as we add content and images to the new website. Depending on your preference, we can populate the website with the content and images on your previous website, add your new content and images into the website, or even have our Professional Copywriters and Content Developers write your new content and source images.


Preparations to Launch Site

During this phase we bring our team together to make sure all our T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted. We test the website for user experience and mobile responsiveness. We also do an SEO review and make sure all the proper redirects are in place. This is where we also apply your final revisions and add proper tracking code to the website.

Successful Work Team

Website Launch and Final Testing

Congratulations! Your new website is live! We submit a new sitemap to Search Console to get Google to crawl your new website and perform final testing on various aspects of the website. We also do final site speed optimization to make sure the website is performing as fast as possible.

Search Engine Optimized.           100% User Friendly.           Catchy and Eye-pleasing.

Did You Know?

Your website not only needs to effectively communicate your story, but it also must be engaging – and fast.  Here’s the info to back that up:


Once your page loads, users form an opinion on your company in .05 seconds


44% of website visitors will leave a site if there is no company contact info or phone number

8 secs

The average human attention span is only 8 seconds, which is how much time you have to grab your user’s attention


A single second delay in your website loading time can result in a 7% loss in conversion

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